Icons explained

Icons are displayed alongside notices according to the type of notice being advertised:

Notice Types

Site Notice

Represents a lower value notice below the EU thresholds.

OJEU Notice

Represents a notice above the EU thresholds.

Stage 2 notice

Represents a stage 2 notice.

Sub contract notice

Represents a sub-contract notice published by a private organisation.

Quick Quote

Represents a Quick Quote notice.

Consortia bidding

Represents a notice suitable for consortia bidding.

Additional Options

The following icons are used to represent options chosen by the buyer for each notice type. These icons ONLY appear alongside a notice if the buyer has elected to use particular facilities available on the site:


The paper clip indicates that additional documents have been attached to a notice and are available to download from the site.


The key indicates the buyer requests submissions to a notice via the postbox facility. This facility provides a secure environment for submissions to a locked postbox.

Tender Module

This icon indicates that the authority is using PCS-Tender to carry out this procurement process. To access PCS-Tender and record your interest in this notice please visit https://www.publictendersscotland.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/esop/pts-host/public/pts/web/login.html.
If you are not already registered with PCS-Tender, registration will be required.

An overview of the specific functions is available in the Site User Guides.