Scotland's Census 2021

For over 200 years, Scotland has relied on the census to underpin national and local decision making. It provides anonymous census estimates which offer a highly accurate picture of the number of people and their characteristics (such as age, health, where and how we live etc).

National and local government, the education and academic communities, the third sector, commercial business and others use census information in order to plan and provide their operations efficiently and effectively. The information is particularly important when there is no other reliable source or when the ability to cross-reference or compare characteristics of people or households is required.

Planning for Scotland's Census 2021 has begun and will build on the success of the last census in 2011. It is being designed and managed in Scotland, to best meet the needs of its users and will be conducted primarily online, while offering support and alternative routes of completion where required. We intend to make best use of technology, digital services and other existing data to support the census process. For more information please visit Scotland’s Census website.  

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