SPS Employability Partnerships

We believe SPS is offering a unique proposition in Scotland
in terms of the opportunity for innovative organisations to host your
enterprise within HMP Glenochil.   In essence, under an Employability
Partnership,  the private sector, the third sector or indeed the public
sector provides and operates it’s enterprise within this prison.  We
believe that this proposition can add value to your business and that, in operating your enterprise, in HMP Glenochil there is the potential to provide those in custody with work experience and skills that are valuable, and which are directly relevant to employers in the external job market.
This initiative also presents an exciting opportunity for prospective
partners who see Employability Partnerships as an opportunity to demonstrate their wider commitment to social responsibility, or simply to address a business or personal objective to ‘give something back to the community’.

SPS is committed to reducing reoffending by enhancing offenders’ life skills and future employment prospects. Our ambition is to ease the transition from custody to community and to ensure that the large numbers of offenders who are liberated every year are recognised as a future workforce of significant potential.   SPS is seeking partners that share this vision, commitment and who wish to make a
difference to the community and contribute to a safer Scotland.   SPS recognises that there is significant latent potential, capability and capacity in working with those in custody which can be harnessed. 
The key facet of Employability Partnerships is that individuals are engaged in work within HMP Glenochil and properly supported by your organisation (and SPS working together) through up-skilling and/or qualifications in activities in which they can gain experience relevant to the current job market.   In harnessing this potential, SPS hopes to contribute to its own objectives of those in custody being better prepared to gain employment following release.   

The partner will provide an activity which engages offenders in a work based enterprise whilst providing them with opportunities for training upskilling and/or qualifications which are relevant to the current job market.  Partners will gain additional manufacturing or service capacity to assist you grow your business as well as
demonstrably ‘giving something back to the community’. 

SPS will consider any enterprise has a sound business plan and fit with the SPS’s aspirations of a work based activity providing relevant
up skilling and qualifications for those in custody, which is legitimate,
ethical, and does not breach any of the constraints of working in a prison setting.  SPS will provide modern and serviced enterprise unit
accommodation in HMP Glenochil and a workforce that is readily
accessible.  In the SPS you also will find an enthusiastic, committed and financially stable partner offering a safe and secure environment to host your enterprise activity.   

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