The Digital Health Institute (DHI)

The Digital Health Institute (DHI) is an Innovation Centre funded by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) in partnership with Scottish Enterprise  (SE) and Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) and aims to create an open community where industry will collaborate and work together with academia, health, care and social partners effectively on innovation opportunities which will create societal and economic benefits in Scotland.

DHI will co-create sustainable economic growth through new products, services and systems developed together with businesses, academics, healthcare specialists and citizens. Our solutions will generate high value health and social care solutions to the benefit of the people of Scotland and further afield.

In addition to calls for Innovation Proposals, we will advertise our various events (seminars, workshops and clinics for Academic, Business and Civic stakeholders).

We will also be encouraging and enabling commercial firms who become participants in DHI projects, to use this PCS portal to make calls for sub-contractors, partners or collaborators and in these cases a different response address email and contact for enquiries will be provided.  DHI will facilitate but will not be held responsible for the sub-contracts let which will appear here.

Events and workshops relating to The Digital Health Institute (DHI) may be advertised here:

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