Case Study - Concreate Skatepark Construction

Ramping up for success Making a living from something you are passionate about is said to be the secret to career happiness – a Falkirk-based business owner is doing just that and is ramping up for greater results. Concreate Skatepark Construction, Scotland’s only concrete skatepark design and construction specialist is cementing its success with a growing number of projects across the country. Owner and managing director Iain Young who has been involved in skateboarding for over 20 years, decided to take his life-long passion to the next level and launch a business which could deliver top-class skateparks for users.


Having been involved with Skateboard Scotland and Sportscotland championing the needs of skateboarders and BMXers, Ian took the decision to use his engineering skills and wealth of experience as a skater to ensure that the kind of facilities he knew users really wanted were delivered. Iain works in partnership with Shaun Scarfe, managing director of 414 Skateparks which specialises in the construction of indoor wooden ramps and design of competition courses with a customer base across the UK and Europe.

Since the launch of Concreate in 2012, the business has been successful in designing and constructing top-class skateparks in various sites across Scotland. Most recently it completed facilities in Inverness and Carnoustie. These facilities are already receiving acclaim for their user-friendly design and quality of build from both users and clients.

As the majority of large-scale community-use skatepark facilities are procured by local authorities, Concreate relies on PCS in order to grow and sustain its business.

Iain explains: “The business grew slowly to begin with and we had to work hard to demonstrate to buyers that Concreate had the capabilities and experience to design and deliver world-class skateparks. We often found in the beginning that we were being brought in by lead contractors to fix problems or complete sections which they were unable to achieve. My priority is to demonstrate to buyers that there is a business in Scotland which can achieve fantastic results for local communities by creating concrete skateparks that are of exceptional design and build. We think being based in Scotland and knowing the skateboard and BMX community, our team, which is made up of experienced skaters and riders, can offer something unique.

“We are firmly committed to the benefits a skatepark can deliver for a local community and we see it as vital to maintain our links with local groups as well as national organisations so that we know of any projects which are being considered. PCS is a vital tool in allowing us to bid for these projects and engage with buyers so we can demonstrate our abilities.

“We are completing a skatepark in Kincorth, Aberdeen and we are very excited to be working with Fife Council on our next project to deliver a skatepark in Newport – the proposed skatepark is the result of lots of hard work by a range of users and community groups who have campaigned for the facility – we are very proud that we will be able to realise this highly-anticipated community resource.

“It’s fair to say, that PCS has been great for the business, without it, we wouldn’t have got the opportunity to design and construct the large-scale projects we are involved in now.”