Scottish Borders Council Notice List

Pay and Display Parking Machines 27-Feb-17Active
Award of 1309 Consultancy Services for Flood Studies 20-Feb-17Active
Award of SBC/CPS/1318 - Delivery of Strategic and Business Advice to Tourism Businesses relating ... 06-Feb-17Active
1322 - Purchase of One Hook Lift Waste Disposal Vehicle 23-Dec-16Expired
Income Management Solution 20-Dec-16Expired
Electronic Purchasing Card Provider 20-Dec-16Expired
Children's Residential Care and Education Services 20-Dec-16Expired
Community Meals (01-15) 20-Dec-16Expired
Supply of Mains Water and Waste Water Services 20-Dec-16Expired
Supply and Delivery of Educational Materials 20-Dec-16Expired
Supply and Delivery of Electrical Materials 20-Dec-16Expired
Postal Services - Ad-hoc Mail and Hybrid Mail 20-Dec-16Expired
Supply and Delivery of Janitorial Products 20-Dec-16Expired
Supply of Natural Gas 20-Dec-16Expired
Supply & Distribution of Groceries & Provisions 20-Dec-16Expired
Supply and Distribution of Frozen Foods 20-Dec-16Expired
National Framework for Mobile Client Devices 20-Dec-16Expired
Liquid Fuels - Heating Oil 20-Dec-16Expired
AWARD - IT Consumables 20-Dec-16Expired
General Stationery and Office Paper 20-Dec-16Expired
Call off from Fixed Telephony Services 20-Dec-16Expired
Supply of Electricity 20-Dec-16Expired
Children's Residential Care and Education Services 20-Dec-16Expired
Children's Residential Care and Education Services 20-Dec-16Expired
Children's Residential Care and Education Services 20-Dec-16Expired
Award of SBC/CPS/1306 - Part IIA Consultancy Services 15-Dec-16Active
Provision of Short Term and Adhoc Vehicle Hire30-Jan-1712-Dec-16Active
Easter Langlee Waste Transfer Station23-Jan-1707-Dec-16Active
Award of Cycle to Work Salary Sacrifice 01-Dec-16Active
Project Management Support - Flood Study Programme 23-Nov-16Expired
4X4 Tractors 14-Nov-16Expired
Award of Mini-Competition for Street Lighting Materials (LED) Scottish Borders Council 07-Oct-16Active
Award of Mini Comp - Global Custody Services Framework Agreement (NCCT40221) 28-Sep-16Active
1259 - Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme - Community Art Projects11-Nov-1626-Sep-16Expired
Children and Young Peoples Services 26-Sep-16Active
Early Learning and Childcare 3 - 4 Year 16-Sep-16Expired
Call off - CT0102 - Water Cooler Solutions, Services & Associated Consumables-Supply and Distribute 16-Sep-16Expired
1163 Wilton Lodge Park Cafe & Bridge 12-Sep-16Expired
Broomlands & Langlee Primary Schools Design & Build Projects Scottish Borders 12-Sep-16Expired
Award of Hawick Flood Protection Scheme Ground Investigation No3 09-Sep-16Active
Laboratory Services for Private Water Supply Samples 08-Sep-16Expired
Award of 1228 Block 5 Tweedbank Industrial Estate, Galashiels - BAES 02-Sep-16Active
Community Based Housing Support Service for Mental Health04-Oct-1625-Aug-16Expired
Supply of up to five Sub Compact Precinct Tractors 16-Aug-16Expired
Residual Waste Procurement Soft Market Test 11-Aug-16Active
Supply of 2 x 26tonne 6x4 Chassis Cab with CHEM std Hooklift 09-Aug-16Expired
Provision of PROACTIS Supplier Management Portal 29-Jul-16Expired
Horticultural Products Collaborative Framework 20-Jul-16Expired
Business Consultancy Framework 20-Jul-16Expired
Court of Session/Edinburgh Agency Work (Framework Agreement) 18-Jul-16Expired