Scottish Borders Council Notice List

Provision of Catering Service at Harestanes Countryside Visitor Centre22-Feb-1605-Feb-16Active
Weighbridge Software26-Feb-1601-Feb-16Active
Community Based Housing Support (Mental Health)08-Mar-1620-Jan-16Active
Youth Project08-Mar-1620-Jan-16Active
1190 Gibson Play Park, Melrose 20-Jan-16Active
Sheriff Officer & Debt Collection Services10-Feb-1623-Dec-15Active
SBC/CPS/1178 - Horticultural Products Framework 16-Dec-15Active
Laboratory Services for Private Water Supply Samples08-Jan-1609-Dec-15Active
Laboratory Services for Bacterial Examination & Chemical Analysis of Food08-Jan-1609-Dec-15Active
Mobility & Habilitation - Visually Impaired Children21-Dec-1507-Dec-15Active
Piano Inspection, Tuning and Maintenance06-Jan-1602-Dec-15Active
966 Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme Main Works 02-Dec-15Expired
1097 Complex Needs Centre, Earlston 02-Dec-15Expired
Business Consultancy Framework08-Jan-1624-Nov-15Active
Construction of 3G Pitches Hawick & Peebles22-Dec-1524-Nov-15Active
Penmanshiel Compensatory Replanting Scheme 12-Nov-15Expired
Dementia Awareness and Support 03-Nov-15Expired
Publishing of SB Connect Council Newspaper 03-Nov-15Expired
Purchase of Paver 26-Oct-15Expired
1190 Gibson Play Park, Melrose16-Nov-1520-Oct-15Active
National Housing Trust/Local Authority Variant Managing Agent (on behalf of Bridge Homes) 19-Oct-15Expired
Court of Session/Edinburgh Agency Work23-Nov-1508-Oct-15Active
Great Tapestry of Scotland03-Nov-1525-Sep-15Expired
Repairs and Maintenance Framework Agreement 15-Sep-15Expired
Waverely RHE Elm Row Galashiels13-Oct-1507-Sep-15Expired
Publishing of SB Connect Council Newspaper11-Sep-1528-Aug-15Expired
1163 Wilton Lodge Park Cafe & Bridge12-Oct-1526-Aug-15Expired
Penmanshiel Compensatory Replanting Scheme28-Aug-1524-Jul-15Expired
Broomlands & Langlee Primary Schools Design & Build Projects Scottish Borders17-Aug-1513-Jul-15Expired
Hire of Small Plant & Temporary Accomodation Framework Agreement 09-Jul-15Expired
Road Surfacing Materials Aggregates (Dry) & Ready Mixed Concrete 07-Jul-15Expired
Early Years Partnership Training 25-Jun-15Expired
Scottish Borders Sustainable Transport Framework Agreement 22-Jun-15Expired
966 Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme Main Works 22-Jun-15Expired
1097 Complex Needs Centre, Earlston29-Jun-1516-Jun-15Expired
Early Learning and Childcare 3 - 4 Year24-Sep-1511-Jun-15Expired
2G & 3G Synthetic Sports Pitches Selkirk & Hawick 10-Jun-15Expired
Scottish Borders Council Upcoming Construction Projects 09-Jun-15Active
National Housing Trust/Local Authority Variant Managing Agent (on behalf of Bridge Homes)14-Jul-1504-Jun-15Expired
Dementia Awareness and Support08-Jun-1507-May-15Expired
Purchase of Paver08-Jun-1507-May-15Expired
Invitation to Construction & Skilled Trades Event at Springwood Park Kelso on 20th May 05-May-15Active
1115 Online Technical Resources Library15-Apr-1516-Apr-15Expired
Online Technical Resource Library06-May-1516-Apr-15Expired
Consultancy Services for Cycling Event Development Support for the Scottish Borders 14-Apr-15Expired
Health & Wellbeing Management Software 13-Apr-15Active
Hire of Small Plant & Temporary Accomodation Framework Agreement08-May-1524-Mar-15Expired
Dementia Awareness and Support 13-Mar-15Active
Early Years Partnership Training24-Apr-1502-Mar-15Expired
Online Technical Resource Library 19-Feb-15Active